Falco komfort IWB hübriid kabuur lambiga relvale

Tootekood: A116 L 2021
Ühik: tk
Tarneaeg: 21-35
100,65 €
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The new generation of our A116 Kite belt holster combines the comfort of the airflow leather platform and shape stability & quick gun draw of the Kydex holster.

Handmade from genuine Italian leather and genuine U.S. Kydex to fit your handgun  perfectly.  The leather platform is perforated to allow your skin to breathe. This makes concealed carry with A116 exceptionally comfortable even during the long carry periods. The A116 is a low-profile holster thanks to its strong steel belt clips being placed on the far sides of the leather platform. This holster design is perfect for concealing even Full-Size handguns comfortably.


    • Open-top IWB hybrid holster
    • Designed for Guns with rail-mounted lights/lasers
    • Genuine & Durable 0.08” U.S. made Kydex
    • Premium quality pre-tanned Italian leather
    • Strong & Durable steel belt clips available for 1.5” or 2” belt width
    • Custom fitted for your individual firearm
    • Optional Sweat Guard separating gun from the body
    • Red dot sight & Suppressor height sights compatible
    • Open muzzle allows for extended threaded barrels and prevents the collection of dirt
    • Lifetime warranty & 30 Days buyback guarantee

    Our stock photos show the designs made for HS XDM pistol with Streamlight TLR 7A mounted. Your holster shape will reflect your individual firearm & light/laser model.

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